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8 Incredible Things to Do in Hong Kong That You’ll Remember Forever

When it comes to choosing a travel destination in the east, you can never go wrong with Hong Kong. It makes a perfect mixture of traditional and modern and if you opt to visit Hong Kong you will get to experience the best of both. As for the time to visit, if you plan a vacation – from September to February is the ideal period. Here are a few things you can expect there!

It Is Multicultural

Once you decide to visit Hong Kong you will almost instantly feel that you are in a place that is a fusion of both east and western cultures. The end result is one unique culture that reflects two backgrounds. The places to visit in Hong Kong vary from tall skyscrapers where you can drink a cup of coffee and enjoy a breath-taking view of the city, and later go to a Chinese temple and pray for health and good luck. 

Delicious Cuisine

People who visit Hong Kong state that it is the food capital of the entire continent of Asia. It offers local foods, traditional dishes and a wide range of cuisine from all over the world. One of the Hong Kong attractions is the dim sum (a local dish) and the seafood specialties. You can also taste meals from Japan, India, Thailand, Africa, Korea, or any of the western countries and feel like you have the world’s cuisine in one place. 


Hong Kong is known by many as the paradise for shoppers. When considering which places to visit in Hong Kong you shouldn’t skip all the trendy boutiques it has, and all the traditional stores as well. You can also enjoy the bustling noise and lights of the great shopping malls, or lose yourself in the crowd in the street markets. It has it all – latest fashion trends and antiques as well. And, of course, except clothes, you can also find electronic products at low prices. 


A spot that you should never miss is the Victoria Peak. The spectacular view it offers is an experience that you can’t find anywhere else. You can see almost all Hong Kong attractions from up there – from the Victoria Harbour to downtown Hong Kong. 

Holidays and Festivals

Regardless of the period, you decide to go and visit Hong Kong, you will almost certainly have a chance to see a festival or two while there (Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn and Dragon Boat Festival being the most famous ones). It can be even magical to spend the holidays in Hong Kong, especially Christmas and New Year’s. For Christmas, many streets, houses and buildings have decorations that bring the holiday spirit. Moreover, you can see a number of countdown events for New Year and a lot of big, astonishing fireworks. 

Colourful Nightlife

When the night comes, the city turns into a fun place that offers bustling places where you can have a drink, eat, or simply have a good time and dance the night away. Out of all the things to see in Hong Kong during night time, most are found in Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai. All these entertainment options work till late and are almost always full of people. 


For those who enjoy watching sports during their vacation, there are top sports events where you can watch stars play. You can watch rugby, tennis and boat races where the excitement of the audience is a usual part of the events. Another worldly recognized sporting event is horse racing. 

Movie Shooting Sites 

Movie fans unite. Here in Hong Kong, you can see movie sites from famous Hong Kong movies and Hollywood ones too. Most well-known movies shot in Hong Kong include Transformers 4, Ghost in the Shell and Doctor Who. 


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