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Dublin – The Emerald Isle That Stirrs the Romance in You

Described as a warm and friendly city, Dublin is a perfect mix of the trends of today and the charms of the past. It is both busy and peaceful as it has hectic city life and a calm village spirit with lots of castles and historical sites that wake up the romance in you. There are pubs and restaurants everywhere, so you can enjoy a glass of remarkable Irish beer and taste some of the most delicious meals. If you plan to visit Dublin, here is what you must put on your “Must see” list.

Trinity College

Trinity College is at the heart of the city standing proudly as the oldest university in Ireland. It was built during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, and today it is recognised as one of the best museums with collections of great treasures. Part of these treasures is the Book of Kells, which is a 9th century illuminated manuscript. There are also breathtaking artefacts from the 18th century in the Long Room, which has more than 200.000 books. 

This building will undoubtedly attract the lovers of Irish literature as literary heroes like Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and Samuel Beckett were some of the most famous alumni of the college. If you are spending one of your holidays in Dublin, take a note that it is open to visitors every day during summer and the tickets have a low price, €9 for adults, €8 for senior citizens and students and free entry for children under 12 years.

St Stephen’s Green

Once upon a time, St Stephen’s Green was the place were public whippings, hangings and burnings occurred which makes it unbelievable that these 9 hectares of profound beauty were, in fact, a place for suffering in the past. Today, St Stephen’s Green is recognised as the green lung of Dublin, as the luscious greenery were clear out every toxin in your lungs. There are lots of lawns and walkways – all in vegetative green, and also, some extraordinary monuments from the 18th century.

Children can also have a blast there as there is a playground on the eastern side while turning south you can see a bandstand raised in honour of Queen Victoria and a bust of James Joyce. During the summer, there are lots of musical performances in this place which makes St Stephen’s Green one of the first things to see in Dublin.

The James Joyce Centre

When you think of Ireland’s most famous writers, the name of James Joyce must be among the first ones that pop up in your minds. Rightfully, he was an outstanding Irish novelist, poet, short story writer, literary critic and teacher who experimented with the use of language in his works. In his honour, today, you can visit the James Joyce Cultural Centre, a Georgians house who brings him back to life virtually. 

Inside, lots of the memorabilia are interactive, which makes the visitor very engaged in learning about this Irish literary hero. There is also an exhibit of the furniture from his home in Paris as well as the home of his hero characters in Ulysses. Not only you can enjoy in details from his life, but also you can experience the spirit of the time of his existence and explore the tangible representations of scenes and setups from his works. It is undoubtedly, one of the Dublin attractions that you must visit.

Dublin Castle and the Chester Beatty Library

Do you want to experience the medieval spirit when you visit Dublin? Well, head to Dublin Castle and enjoy an experience of a lifetime. You will see the medieval fortress and vice-regal court where ceremonies, exhibitions and concerts take place nowadays. There are several museums as well, of which the most notable one is the Chester Beatty Library and Gallery. 

In it, you can find oriental art and manuscripts, books and ancient texts from the medieval period not only from Britain’s territory but also from all over the world.

Guinness Storehouse

One of the places to visit in Dublin is the Guinness Storehouse. It is part of the 26-hectare brewery of one of the world’s most recognisable beers. There are seven floors where you can explore this brand, and finally, on the top floor you will have the chance to taste the fresh brew and enjoy the Dublin panoramic views. 


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