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Madrid – The City Where Everyone Feels They Belong To

The capital of Spain, Madrid, exudes its beauty in a bit different way from the most popular destinations in Spain – Barcelona, Seville, Malaga and Granada. Madrid is breath-taking when it comes to enjoying a laid-back holiday fulfilled with art museum visits, delicious cuisine, and a lively nightlife. Its avenues are traffic-jammed, there is always something happening, and the hustle and bustle are creating a fun experience worth knowing. The evening stroll is a ritual for all locals, and it is a whole another experience to do it in spring or fall. Here is what you must do when you visit Madrid

Visit Royal Palace and Gardens

If France has the Versailles palace, Spain’s got the Royal Palace and Gardens. An exquisite build of granite and white Colmenar stone, this royal court is simply out-of-this-world beautiful. Its architectural features witness the time of the neoclassical era and the inclusion of many Spanish kings makes it a memorable historic sight as well. 

Inside, there are masterpiece murals by Velazquez, Rubens, Goya, El Greco, Caravaggio and other famous Spanish painters. Also, you can visit the Salon del Trono where there are frescoes by Tiepolo. The Throne Room shows a true royalty spirit with the red velvet and decorative tapestries, mirrors, chandeliers and furniture that are worth a real fortune. This place is a Madrid attraction you mustn’t miss. 

Visit Estadio Santiago Bernabéu: Real Madrid’s Stadium

If you are a football fan, then Real Madrid’s Stadium should be the first place to visit on your list. Until 2018, one of the best football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo was part of the team and its most famous player. Today, the legacy of the club is continued by the present players including Sergio Ramos, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Luka Modrich and many others. 

While you won’t be able to take a photo of them in life, you will get to see displays of trophies, artefacts, interactive screens and even the locker room. Plus, you can take a photo with a photo montage of the favourite players.  

Visit Plaza de Cibeles

The most beautiful plaza in Madrid is the Plaza de Cibeles. Again, built in Neo-Classical style, this place attracts the most tourists because of the incredible fountain located in its center, the Fuente de la Cibeles. It depicts the Roman Goddess Cybele on a chariot drawn by lions. The famous Francisco Gutierrez created it.

Behind the fountain, there is the Palacio de Cibeles where you can see art exhibitions and attend workshops as well as conferences and concerts. Also, you can have a taste of that delicious Spanish cuisine in one of the two restaurants there. 

Visit Gran Via

New York City has got Broadway while Madrid has got Gran Via. This is the “street that never sleeps” in Spain. It is an enormous boulevard that goes through the center of Madrid. While it is fairly new (built in 1910) today it has the biggest concentration of shops, restaurants and businesses. There you can see the tallest building in Europe – Telefonica Building, whose top clock is a local landmark. 


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