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London: The Royal Capital of the World

London, the capital of one of the largest and long-lasting kingdoms in the world’s history is one of the places everyone needs to see in their lifetime. From historical monuments, fairy-tale castles, breathtaking landmarks to state of the art architecture and modern/futuristic architectural accomplishments, London offers you a glimpse into the country’s rich culture. You will certainly need more than a week to visit all the places that make London’s spirit. Nevertheless, here is what you need to put on the top of the list.

Buckingham Palace

One of the world-known attractions is, of course, the Buckingham Palace, the home of Queen Elizabeth II and Her royal family. The palace’s splendour and sheer, exquisite beauty is undeniable and once you have experienced it personally it will always be an unforgettable moment in your life. In the period between the end of July until the end of September, when the Queen is in her Scotland home, you can get inside the Buckingham Palace and take a sneak peek into the luxurious life of the British royals. The Opulent décor and the amazing sprawling grounds will make you never want to leave.

The Tower of London

Another place from England’s past and one of the places to see when you visit London is the Tower of London. Usually, a ticket for this place includes seeing the Crown Jewels as well. The Tower of London was the prison that kept prisoners sentenced to death and who waited for their death sentence to be carried out. In this prison, many British Royals were locked including Anne Boleyn, mother of Queen Elizabeth I, who was beheaded under the orders of Henry VIII. You also get to see the legendary ravens and enjoy a Yeoman Warder “Beefeater” tour.

Westminster Abbey

Yet another historical place with lots of significance to the British people is Westminster Abbey. It is one of the most important Gothic buildings of England built by Henry VIII. It was a home of the monks, the coronation church and later a final resting place of 17 monarchs. It has lots of paintings, stained glass, textiles, books and other artefacts that are symbols of England including the most significant collection of sculptures of the UK.

London Eye

London Eye is one of the London attractions that complete the London touristic experience. There are different types of tickets you can buy to get on the London Eye and enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city, but we recommend you the Champagne Experience London Eye flight which enables you to sip Pommery Brut Royal Champagne while being mesmerised by the views of London.

Stonehenge/Windsor Castle

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites are a must things to see when you visit London. This is a tour that is made for travellers who have limited time but want to see the two landmarks that make the holidays in London simply irresistible. Windsor Castle is one of the official residences of the Queen whereas Stonehenge is a 5000-year-old stone circle that has still remained a mystery regarding its purpose.

High-Speed Cruise along River Thames

If you are a bit of a daredevil, you can have an unconventional sightseeing experience while cruising past the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Shakespeare’s Globe. You can learn about London’s history as well. All it takes is a rigid inflatable boat and 55kmpr speed to feel how your adrenaline levels are going up. Try saying no to that incredible feeling!


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