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Things That Make Budapest a Great Travel Destination

The capital of Hungary will take you in, and you will instantly feel welcomed and drawn into its unique beauty and charm. Here are a few more reasons why you should include Budapest on your next trip.

Architecturally Astonishing

When you visit Budapest, you have to take a walk through the streets and simply admire the beauty each corner offers. Those who understand architecture can see buildings in Art Nouveau style, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classicist. The Four Season Gresham Palace and the former Postal Savings Bank are Budapest attraction architecture lovers shouldn’t miss.

Vivid Nightlife Worth Experiencing

The nightlife scene in Budapest is buzzing and alive. You will surely enjoy the parties organized by different pubs, bars or open-air clubs. Plus, if you are there for the holidays, you can see all the decorations and bazaars that make the whole place even more charming. During the holidays in Budapest, there are fireworks, parties and a lot of fun street events.

Food Worth Tasting

There are numerous restaurants, cafes, taverns, bistros, and fast food places that serve delicious food. If you are interested in tasting local dishes, then you should most certainly try goulash and langos. During the summer you can enjoy your meal on outdoor terraces and enjoy the view while eating.

Panoramic Views Worth Seeing

Out of all the places to see in Budapest, enjoying the breathtaking views from high viewpoints is a must. You can see almost all Budapest attractions from far, and enjoy the beautiful skyline. There is a law in Budapest that no building can ever stand taller than 96 meters. This means that you can easily see the historic skyline and all its landmarks. The Hungarian Parliament Building and, of course, the Chain Bridge.

Thermal Baths and Medicinal Waters

You may already know, but the city of Budapest is also known as “the city of spas.” And for a good reason.  The territory of Budapest is full of thermal spas, and most of these have healing properties too. The stunning architecture of the spas is an additional bonus. These are great when you want to take a relaxing break from the noisy part of the city. What’s a vacation without proper relaxation, right?

Rich and Fascinating History

The first settlements in Budapest and its area date back from Roman times. But the city we know today was founded in 1872. Three settlements were then merged into one by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. These were the settlements Obuda, Buda, and Pest. Besides these, there are historic sites from World War I and II and the life of the Iron Curtain – when the country was under the Communist Regime. So, take the trip and discover historic ruins that witness different time periods.

Explore and Admire the Danube River

As mentioned above, Budapest was once Buda and Pest – two out of three settlements divided by the river Danube. There were many bridges across the river that have been destroyed during World War II. Luckily, most of these are rebuilt today.  The most famous places to visit in Budapest is the Szechenyi Chain Bridge.

When walking the Pest side of the river, you will see 60 pairs of rusting shoes made out of iron. These represent a moving memorial to the Jewish that were killed there in World War I. There are different sizes and styles representing everyone who didn’t make it.

And lastly, another attraction that you shouldn’t miss is Cruising the Danube at night. You will witness a view like no other. The parliament is lit up at night and reflected in the river in a mesmerizing way.


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