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Montreal: The Cold and Inviting North of the World

Oh, Canada! The True North strong and free!

If you want to feel strong and free, Montreal is perhaps the best place to visit on your next holiday. Holidays in Montreal are always diverse, dynamic and with lots to do every single minute. It is Canada’s cultural corner and a place where self-expression is done easily and without any prejudices. It is famous for being the second most affordable city in the world and with the second shortest working hours. According to recent research, almost 79% of the locals are feeling happy to live in such a place. Along with being such a happy place to live, it is also a big hit with the tourists. Here is why.

PY1 Night Club

PY1 is an enormous pyramid that projects screens of some of the city’s most impressive multimedia shows and electronic music events. It is 25 metres high and it includes kaleidoscopic performances with sound and light by day and hallucinogenic electronic dance parties at night. Every lover of electronic music must visit Montreal and feel this unique attraction.

Street Fairs

This is certainly one of the places to visit in Montreal. There are numerous activities you can do in these street fairs, lots of shopping opportunities, music, food and drinks to enjoy. During the summer months, these street fairs are especially popular. You shouldn’t miss the Italian Week at the beginning of august where you can enjoy Italian-themed workshops, sporting activities, movies, competitions, food, exhibitions and so on.

Mount Royal

It is a small mountain but with a huge number of visitors because, at the summit, an expansive city park is located at 692 acres from which you can enjoy nature without leaving the city. You can admire the sights and panoramas of the city by escaping its hustle and bustle. Perhaps the best season to visit Montreal Mount Royal is winter as you can also enjoy skating, skiing or sliding.

Bell Centre and the Habs

The home hockey team is the Montreal hockey team names the Habitants, or the “Habs” shortly. Go and see a match when they are playing and experience the exciting cheering and action-packed atmosphere in blue, white and red. Experience the powerful “Go Habs Go” and you will never understand how you didn’t like hockey before. This is one of the places to visit in Montreal if you are a sports fan.

Botanical Gardens

If you want to rest your eyes, the Botanical Gardens are one of the Montreal attractions you mustn’t skip. It is an enormous collection of plants on 190 acres of thematic gardens, greenhouses and Art Deco pavilions. It is considered to be one of the most famous and prestigious gardens in the world due to the fact that it has a huge variety of plant species. There is also an Insectarium as a part of the complex and it has 95 different species. As the sections are culturally organised you can get a glimpse of many world cultures in this place, for example, the Chinese garden is very popular with its Lantern Festival.

Cirque du Soleil

The most famous circus company in the world known for the extravagant performances is Montreal based. I am talking about Cirque du Soleil which has captured the attention of Las Vegas and has become a regular act there. The performances are more than spectacular, in fact, it is safe to say that they are out of this world. From costumes, comedy, acrobatics and storytelling – it is an all-packed experience and certainly the most fun of the things to see in Montreal.


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