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Reykjavik: When Ice Meets Fire and Culture

What is it that makes Iceland a favourite place of many tourist adventurers from all over the world? Is it the mystical landscapes and their stunning natural beauty, or perhaps because it is the most eco-destination you can choose for your next adventure. What about the Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon that is pure magic, or maybe the Blue Lagoon – the geothermal spa willed with mineral water that exfoliated the skin. The truth is –  all of these! Iceland is truly a heaven on Earth, or better yet, cold heaven on Earth. And Reykjavik is the capital of this magical place that has a lot of natural wonders every person dreams of seeing. So, here is what you should see when you visit Reykjavik.

See Harpa

One of the things to see in Reykjavik is certainly the Harpa. It is an amazing modern landmark which serves as a concert hall and conference centre. It is built on the water at the Old Harbour. Completed in 2011, it hosts the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and Icelandic Opera and a lot of festivals pay to be held there. You can visit it, have a cup of coffee in the nearest café, have lunch at the nearest restaurant or catch a free exhibition of 15-minute 360° film about the natural wonders of Iceland.

See Viðey Island

This island is pure heaven. It has a breathtaking historical architecture blended with modern culture. You can experience its excellence at its fullest by bike or on foot. If you are a fan of Yoko Ono, you can enjoy the view of her Imagine Peace Tower light installation which lights up the place between October 9th (which is Lennon’s birthday) and December 8th (which is the anniversary of his death). Moreover, Richard Serra’s artwork praising the environment – Milestones is an inevitable part of the landscape of the western side of the island. The sight of basalt columns which are allusions to the geology and topography of Iceland.

Visit the Saga Museum

If you are interested in finding out more about the prominent historical figures of Iceland, one of the places to visit in Reykjavik is the Saga Museum which is a waxwork Reykjavik attraction bringing back to life the Icelandic famous people. You can see a whole millennium worth of events including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, diseases, clothes, weaponry, furniture and jewellery that people wore.

Street Art

If you are spending one of your holidays in Reykjavik, then paying attention to street art is something you must do. Since 19902, Iceland has had a dynamic street art scene, but recently it kind of levelled up. You can see unbelievable murals on the facades of the Old Harbour and Grandi. Some of them are even called “wall poetry” because some of the paintings are inspired by songs from Mercury Rev, John Grant or Gus Gus. However, street art doesn’t stop here. You must visit Reykjavik and enjoy the large-scale works by Guido Van Halten as well as the fanciful pieces by Sara Riel.


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