Moscow, a mix of history, literary heroes, love in winter, overall greatness and an 800-year existence. The capital of Russia remains one of the top place to visit and one of the most attractive destinations for every adventurer who loves exploring the Earth. As it is a perfect combination of the old and new age, Moscow offers a little bit for every taste. From Europe’s oldest fortress and breathtakingly astonishing cathedrals to the lively green areas and futuristic skyscrapers, Moscow is simply a must.  Here is the ultimate “What to do” list when you visit Moscow.

Visit the Red Square

Things to See in Moscow

Of course, when you think of Moscow, you think of its heart – the Red Square. An extraordinary attraction, this cobblestone square is evidence of the rich history and skilful architectural minds of Russia. In the past, all the life passed through Red Square as it was a market where goods were sold and lots of people came to buy the products they need for everyday life. Today, it is the best of the Moscow attractions as it is surrounded by unbelievable sites such as Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum.

See the St. Basil Cathedral

Places to visit in Moscow

If anything can excite you and calm you at the same time, then it must be the St. Basil Cathedral. It is one of the extraordinary places to visit in Moscow so you can enjoy the archetypal image of Moscow with its glistening rainbow domes. It was designed in this shape so it could look like the shape of a flame of a bonfire and according to a legend, Tsar Ivan the Terrible ordered that the architect who made this beautiful construction be blinded so that he could never surpass this creation again.

Visit Lenin’s Mausoleum

One of the most discussed landmarks in Moscow is certainly Lenin’s Mausoleum. It is a memorial of the legendary Russian revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin. Inside rests the embalmed body of Lenin in a glass sarcophagus and around 2.5 million visitors choose this landmark as one of the love it or hate it things to see in Moscow.

Moscow attractions

The State Historical Museum

With its red colour, impressive neo-Russian style, the State Historical Museum has lots to offer for history and art lovers. In the past, this amazing building was the Principal Medicine Store but today it contains an intriguing collection including relics of prehistoric tribes that lived on the territory of today’s Russia. Visiting this place will make this one of the best holidays in Russia for any numismatic because it houses the country’s largest coin collection. For those who admire the Romanov Dynasty, the 6th-century manuscripts and artworks would be a complete pleasure to look at.

Holidays in Moscow

GUM for Die-Hard Shoppers

GUM is the main department store of Russia. It has an incredible interior and all the high-end brands have their boutiques there. It was built 1890-1893 and its first name was the Upper Trading Rows, however, in the 1920s it changed its name. Today, it has over 200 boutiques including the luxurious Dior and the more affordable Zara. Shopping in GUM is another state of mind. Add to it the classy eateries and the enormous glass-roofed arcade that faces the Red Square, you are bound to have a great time.

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