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If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.

Are you consumed by wanderlust like we are?

If yes, share your memories, experiences and advice about the world’s most beautiful places. Help people learn new things about their “To Go” Places and share a few tips so they can enjoy the destinations they are travelling to.

We are looking for writers who can contribute with engaging, helpful, relevant and community-oriented texts. Here are the guidelines.

Your guest post should:

  • Be informative and of great value to the reader. We want to offer practical knowledge in a simple, engaging way. Write about places, destinations, attractions and other travel-related stuff in an original, even anecdotal way and impress the readers with useful info.
  • Be well-researched and provide information that is current, updated and trendy.   
  • Contain quality, interesting and clear content grammatically and syntactically correct. If your text has grammatical mistakes, you will need to pay $10 for editing or posting.  
  • Contain links to other relevant sites or blogs that offer quality content as well. Include 1 link to your site in addition to other 2 links to other sites related to the topic you are writing about.
  • Be a minimum of 800 words in well-structured paragraphs, organised for easy visualisation and understanding of the readers and should include high-quality stock free photos. If you are not sure about the photos, you can provide us with the text, and we will choose appropriate photos.
  • Include a short bio of yourself – in a 2 or 3 sentences write about who you are and why you love writing.

Your guest post mustn’t:

  • Be a topic that has already been covered on our site before
  • Be a text that promotes the selling of products, tools, services or apps. That means NO links to e-commerce sites, affiliates or the similar.
  • Be copied/plagiarised or reposted text

Topics to be covered

Destinations, Countries, Attractions, Hiking, Holiday Activities, Food & Drinks, Excursions, Travel Tips, your suggestions are welcomed

An important note

Please note that we reserve the right to edit the text to suit our style, tone and narrative but we promise to keep to the original as much as possible. We also reserve the right to add affiliate links.

Send us the article on [email protected]

I Read, I Travel, I write, I become – a Traveller

Thank you for your interest, we can’t wait to read your story!

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